A Christmas Blessing

based on Isaiah 9:1-7

I bless you as a child of the light. You are not a people walking in darkness anymore because a great light has dawned and you have seen it. I bless your spirit to fully embrace the light and as you do, joy and rejoicing will fill your heart. Be filled to overflowing with the joy of the Lord! Your yokes have been shattered! Your oppressors have ben defeated! You walk in victory because He came for you. You will not live in fear of current governments or rulers on this earth because you are subject to another kingdom and another King- the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Your King is on the throne and the government of all the world is on His shoulders. You do not have to ever again carry the burden of fear or worry over the state of the world!

 Your King is ruling! He has come for you!

Your heart is counseled by the Wonderful Counselor- you will never be without comfort again!

You are watched over by the Mighty God- you never have to fear again!

You are loved and adored by the Everlasting father- you will never be fatherless again!

There has never been nor will there ever be One greater than the One who knows you and came for you. I bless you to drink in the rich love of the One who saw you and left His throne to come and rescue you. He is pouring out His peace like a river over your life- an eternal river of peace that has no beginning and no end. Be immersed- be pulled in completely over your head until you are overcome by the Prince of Peace!

This God- the God of Christmas, the One who came for you- will reign forever and ever and His justice will be established through righteousness now and forever. You hear these words with your ears but let your spirit receive the truth so you may experience this in your heart. As you believe His promises for things to come, know this: Your eyes will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!  He did not just come for your eternity. He came for you here and now in your every day,  that you would know and experience all of who He is and how He loves here and now. Today. That is the blessing of Christmas. Him. Now. Today. I bless you to receive all He is and all He wants to be for you today, in this season and as we wait for the fulfillment of all He will do, that we will not miss the fullness of all He IS doing here and now.  

The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.