I live in a messy house with less children in it than there once were and far too many cats & dogs. It is a state of (almost) controlled chaos that I have come to accept as normal for my life. I once believed that when I had older children life would be calmer, cleaner, and I would be more confident knowing they had survived their childhood. I have now discovered that life is rarely calm, nothing ever stays clean for more than 3 minutes in my house, and I am less confident in what I know or knew than ever. And while that may sound hopelessly depressing- it is really freeing. Because while I have discovered what I am not and what I cannot - I have found who He is and what He can. 

I am in pursuit of a life well-lived in His love- no longer in a futile attempt to earn  it but now from a heart overflowing with thankfulness for how He gives what is so underserved. I long to see people set free from everything that keeps them from receiving all Jesus has given. Imagine a world full of people free to be the person God dreamt up when He thought of them! I teach Bible studies at Riverstone Church and work as their Missionary Care Coordinator alongside some of the most amazing people I have ever known. I am mom to three smart, funny, resilient-they survived their childhood- children, and I am B to two grand babies who are geniuses and future models.